“To produce and live from something that heals people is a true blessing.” -Marin Susac, Owner

Of all our farming partners, we hold none closer to our heart than Marin Susac. Marin, a father of four, never envisioned returning to the land. “If someone before 5-10 years ago told me that I will do what I do now, I would laugh to him.” As a child, Marin’s grandmother told stories of the healing power and potential for growing helichrysum in their native Bosnia. In 2015, Marin returned to the boyhood village he fled in the 90s Bosnian civil war. For reasons known only to God, he scattered seeds in an abandoned plot his grandparents once farmed. The helichrysum grew hearty and tall. Drew attests that Marin’s organic helichrysum oil is the most potent and sweet-scented. In five years, Marin now employs more than 20 people of all nationalities and religions, providing a source of unity and prosperity in a healing country.