Your Mighty Microbiome

The Microbiome is the name scientists use for all of the microorganisms, such as bacteria, on and in your body. You are a grand ecosystem! Do not worry, your microbes are essential to you. They protect from disease, regulate healthy development, digest food and produce vital nutrients, and so much more!

Your Microbiome and Your Health

The trouble is when something compromises your microbiome. Because our first knowledge of microbes were the disease-causing kind, we assumed that all microbes were harmful. We still see this misguided idea in body care. Body care is awash with chemicals that compromise your microbiome and natural, healthy body processes. And some antimicrobial compounds still widely used are toxic to the nervous system, disrupt hormone function, compromise fetal development, and are even capable of causing cancer.

Dishonesty in Pursuit of Dollars

The same corporations that sold us the need to eliminate microbes see the tide changing. They now sell products claiming to rebalance your microbiome. Here’s the catch–the evidence for a balanced, healthful microbiome is fascinating, but also new. Dishonest entrepreneurs flood the market with products and claims not backed by evidence.

The Best Path to a Healthy Microbiome

So how can you assist your beneficial microbes? Enter and interact with the natural world–go for a walk in the woods, breathe deeply, hold mud in your hands. The most healthful intervention is clear, and you cannot buy it in a jar–get infants and toddlers out of sanitized environments and into the natural world. Beneficial exposure to microbes trains the immune system. The lack of early, beneficial exposure likely plays a role in many allergies, autoimmune, and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Happiness and Health in a Jar?

In time, scientists will develop a better understanding of the microbiome, its effect on health, and possibly develop treatments. Until then, we offer wholly natural body care that is safe for your microbiome. Plants are not marvels of modern chemistry that we will soon learn are harmful–a painfully recurring theme in body care. Ultimately, we urge you not to seek meaning or status in purchases but find that within you. Travel well.


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