Our Values

Will business always be an amoral stampede for profit? Or will justice ever factor into the bottom line? That choice is ours. As our community, we hope you hold us to our founding values…

Drew's Honeybees: Do Some Good


1. We measure success by our effect on our community– customers, employees, farmers and laborers, the Earth, future generations, owners, and, of course, the honeybee! They put food on your table. All the best food too–fruit, veggies, nuts, and beans! We dedicate 20% of net profits and much time, thought, and sweat to honeybee, research, education, and advocacy.

2. We believe business can improve human and ecosystem health. We strive for kinder, sustainable business for the health and happiness of all.


3. We began as beekeepers. Our experience underlies our gratitude toward farmers, laborers, vibrant ecosystems, and sustainable agriculture. Our partner farmers manage their plots of earth as ecosystems and treat their laborers justly. Together, we empower the human drive to better oneself, family, and community.

4. We will not make untrue and exploitative claims. We will relay credible science honestly. We respect you and value science.

Meet Drew's Honeybees Team

We see a path apart from the dishonesty and harm in body care–a path that respects the intellect, wellbeing, and finances of our customers.

Marin Julia


UX Writing & Content Strategy

Adrian oversees the creation of content guidelines, strategy, & multimedia assets across Drew’s Honeybees. He is a UCSB English & Business Communication graduate with international work experience. Adrian hopes to utilize these insights to create compelling, engaging, & value-driven content. Outside of work, Adrian loves trying new foods & quarantining.
Marin Julia


Packaging/Brand Design

Amber creates honest and human design for brands that are socially and environmentally sustainable. She went to school at Pratt Institute in NYC for Communication Design, where she cooked kimchi fried rice and egg almost everyday, and won two Graphic Design USA Awards. Her dream is to go on an educational expedition in Antarctica.
K.a Joben



Drew values the noble work of others–even if we never know their names. From his time with the bees and alongside farmers, Drew sees redeeming good in agriculture done well. This belief keeps him hustling daily, vowing that a verse from Springsteen’s Youngstown will never describe him– “Once I made you rich enough/ Rich enough to forget my name."
Marin Julia


User Experience Designer

Wilson leads the design of the overall site and its features. He is a graduate student at UCSC focusing on user interface/user experience design and human-computer interaction. In his free time, Wilson likes roasting coffee and brushing his two cats.