Frequently Asked Questions

It is profitable to make claims absent evidence in body care. In nearly all instances, brands use scientific language without the rigor of science. This is dishonest, exploitative hogwash. It preys on under-informed consumers who may not have access to adequate medical care and are desperate for treatment. We will relay and cite the credible science as it exists and with the nuance truth demands.

We use wholly natural because “natural” has been so misused it is meaningless. Companies regularly market chemist-made flavors, fragrances, dyes, preservatives, and byproducts of gasoline manufacture as natural. Wholly natural doubles down on the plain meaning. We bring you the fruits of sustainable, empowering agriculture!

We do not test on animals or condone the practice. We require all partner farmers to verify they do not test on animals or have others do so on their behalf. Moreover, we never use dangerous ingredients that would require such testing.

It is easier to list the plants that do not require pollination than those that do. The gruel-type foods do not–corn, oats, barley, and wheat. Just about everything else–from apples to zucchini–requires a pollinator. There is no more capable pollinator than the honeybee. The honeybee puts food on your plate.

Drew’s Honeybees donates 20% of net profits to honeybee research, education, and advocacy.

Drew’s Honeybees is a Benefit Corporation in the state of Connecticut–allowing us to pursue mission in addition to profit. We're here for a kinder, sustainable entrepreneurship conducive to healthy, contented global citizens. Our desire to do some good animates all we do. Towards this better end, we donate 20% of profits to honeybee research, education, and advocacy.

Most of Drew’s Honeybees products contain beeswax. Strictly speaking, they are not vegan. However, honeybee pollination is necessary for all the fruits, veggies, nuts, and beans, we love–too many crops to list. We all rely on the industry of the wee honeybee–especially vegans.

No, they are not. Such a claim is irresponsible. We respect your intellect and will not throw meaningless buzzwords at you. Some individuals may be allergic to sunflower, vanilla, ginger, or otherwise. We can say that humans have been interacting with our ingredients for hundreds of thousands of years. We never use newfangled chemist-made fragrance, flavor, preservatives, dyes, or otherwise, which carry a much higher risk or allergy and harmful health effects.

In short, no. While our agriculture itself is quite sustainable, our planet is on a dire trajectory that imperils agricultural production worldwide. From desertification in the African Sahel, to increasing frequency and violence of cyclones battering Madagascar, the business as usual is not sustainable. We will not flinch from this truth. We seek a better human outcome, both within our operations and in our advocacy.

Our products do not contain any ingredients of concern. If an ingredient contains a compound of concern, we select ingredients and formulate so that compound is below the strictest regulatory guideline. We require a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for every material we use. A CoA lists all compounds above trace amounts in descending order. We consult the relevant science to ensure each plant extract is not adulterated and safe down to trace compounds.

Our products are wholly natural–the fruits of empowering agriculture. Our partner farmers are Drew’s heroes. We will tell you who they are and share their stories of human triumph. We strive to be more sustainable and we are honest about where we fall short. Our products never contain chemist-made flavor, fragrance, dyes, preservatives, or otherwise. We bring you the fruits of sustainable, empowering agriculture!

Shipping Policy

We carefully pack and deliver your order to the United States Postal Service within one business day, including Saturdays. If your order is over $50, we cover USPS First-Class shipping. We charge $4 to ship orders under $50.

Our Guarantee

We stand behind every product we make. If a product does not meet your standards, we will gladly replace it or refund your money within 4 weeks of purchase. Simply send a note to with your order number, the reason for your return, and how you’d like us to make good on our Guarantee (refund or replacement). The Drew’s Honeybees Guarantee applies to all products bought directly from and through partner retailers. If purchased through a partner retailer, please return the product to the retailer.

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