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Radiant Skin The Way Nature Intended

Bringing The Health Of The Hive To You

Organic natural lip balm seeking to change the world. Profits from your purchase support vital research to benefit the honeybee and create a world in which it can thrive.

20% Of Profits Donated For Honeybee Health & Sustainability

Simplicity At Last

We craft our lip balms from scratch on the premise that quality matters. We don’t compromise for anything short of the best, so we said no to composite flavoring, sheep grease, and filler ingredients. Why would you want those on your lips anyway?

Undiluted Jojoba Oil

Unlike oils that evolved for digestion — like coconut and olive oil — jojoba evolved to protect and moisturize your lips in harsh environments. Now your lips will feel healthier and look better than ever!

Do Some Good®

From your purchase, we donate 20% of profits to the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Honeybee Program. We support vital research to benefit the Honeybee and create a world in which it can thrive. Enjoy the bounty of Earth and make a difference today.

Anything but plain… authentic ingredients for a peck of mild authentic flavors.

Transport to a sunny place with a kiss of bright citrus and exotic flowers.

Caress and heal your lips with the sensual experience they crave — rich chocolate.